In 2011 John Mahoney and Vina Kao Mahoney created “The Inspiration Station”. This space is utilized for gathering artist to create works and collaborated on projects. Often, they hold sculpture parties there as well. Everyone brings their own working pieces. It becomes a place to enjoy music, food, chatting and and of course, sculpture. Sometimes they hire figure models and throw drawing parties as well. They believe inspiration often come from interaction with people. John and his sculptor friend - Matthew Levin, started to hold zBrush and sculpture workshops at The Inspiration Station by demand and everything grew from there.

After seeing great transformations happening with these small endeavors, John and Vina decided to spread The Inspiration Station spirit online. They would like to share some of this inspired information, free creative tips n tricks, and project news to everyone who is interested in joining the club. No matter where we are in the world, every time you want to feel creative or be inspired, The Inspiration Station can be the place for you.

Who are We

John Mahoney


John Mahoney is a seasoned professor at CalArts,USC, and Gnomon. He teaches such diverse classes as figure drawing, sculpture, film design, storyboards, stop motion animation, and character design. Beside teaching at academic environments, John also taught creative training classes like sculptures and zBrush at many world top VFX and Game studios, such as ILM, Blizzard.

John’s illustration work has been showcased in Spectrum, the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and in the book Erotic Signature, the World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today. The release of the book will mark the launching of the Exhibition Tour starting in Miami, then New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and London.

John has had several gallery exhibitions around the Los Angeles area, including a one man show at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena.



Hasbro – Zbrush Sculptor – on Avengers & Jurassic World 
Lucasfilm – Singapore & San Francisco – Creativity Professor 
Disney Features – on ten films as – Visual Development Artist 
Blizzard – Zbrush and Sculpture Professor 
Warner Bros. – Visual Development Artist 
Miramax Films – Creature Designer
Cartoon Network – Color Designer
Disney Imagineering – Concept sculptor 
Jib Jab Studio – Sculptor 
SOFA Studio Taiwan – Art Director/Visual Consultant 
Stan Winston School of Character Arts – Zbrush Instructor
Cal Arts – Illustration, Zbrush, & Sculpture Professor
Art Center – Concept Art lecturer 
USC – Concept Design – Zbrush Professor 
Gnomon – Production Design & Storyboard Professor
New York Fim Academy – Game Design Professor

Vina Kao Mahoney


Vina is a CG Lighting artist, and had contribute her works to two Oscar winning feature animations - Frozen and Big Hero 6. Currently she works at Walt Disney Animation Studio for the coming project - Zootopia.

Vina was born in Taiwan, and completed her education in Australia. She has been work in some of the best VFX and animation studios around the world for the past 10 years, such as Sony Picture Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Lucasfilm Singapore, R&H Studio and Animal Logic Australia. As a CG lighting artists, she has strong sense in color and artistic vision.





Walt Disney Animation Studio - Big Hero 6, Frozen & Wreck-It Ralph
Sony Picture Imageworks - Men in Black 3 & Green Lantern
Dr.D Studio - Happy Feet 2
Animal Logic - Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga'Hoole
R&H Studio
Lucasfilm Singapore - Star Wars : The Clone Wars
PhotonVFX - Animalia