Back n Black - Form 1 3D Print

We are so excited to show John Mahoney's latest 3D print project - Bank n Black mask lady. 

John purchased Form 1 3D printer from Formlabs about one year ago. Since then he starts to print out his zBrush design characters. Form 1 printer is famous on the fine details come out from the print, however, it does has a fairly limited print size - 4.9  x 4.9 x 6.5 in (125 x 125 x 165 cm).      

Ready to print file for head piece.

Ready to print file for head piece.

This time, John wants to challenge printing out a 12" high mask lady. The technic he used is that he cut his character into 4 pieces in zBrush, and printed out each of them under the 6.5 in printing size limitation.



Then John used proxy cray to glue those 4 parts together. It looks funny at this stage, but after a quick spray paint....... 







eh eh ...... Who can tell the mask lady was once in 4 pieces!!!

Here is a painting tutorial John created to show how he painted this 12" Tall figure printed with almost no cleaning..... Enjoy!!!

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